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10x is taking off

10x Rocketship is an award-winning app studio based in Palo Alto and San Francisco. Our aim is to design the world’s finest iOS, Android, and HTML5 experiences, of our own and for clients.


tl;dr 10x is joining forces with a scrappy, up-and-coming entrepreneur/​investor/​blogger/​podcaster named Jason Calacanis and, together, we’re re-forming as Rocketship.

Nico García and I founded 10x, the second startup we’ve each founded, one year ago to solve a rather vexing problem for nearly every startup: finding great developers to work with is really freaking hard. I know firsthand:

(1) I was a developer at Google for seven years. When I left, the company had some twenty-five thousand developers. (2) I also had a hand in creating the developer-relations team there, through which I met hundreds more, non-Google developers. (3) My first startup raised four-plus million dollars.

Yet, despite...

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Hello world!

10x is an app studio based in Palo Alto and Asunción. Our aim is to design the finest mobile and web experiences in the world. We develop Android, iOS, and HTML5 apps of our own and for clients.


We’re just getting started but have loads of future posts – about our projects, technical tips and tricks drawn from them, the business of and our experience with startups, and more – to share with you. For now, though, we’ll simply say hi.

And while we beef up the content here, we launched a site about ourselves today. Take a gander to find out who we are and what we’ve done and if you might be inclined to work with us, say hi back.

Posted by Brian Kennish

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